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Blogariddims 14 - Norwegian postpunk 1979-1985.

January 25th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Download Blogariddims 14 - A short history of Norwegian postpunk 1979-1985 (mp3).

A bit of personal journey back in time this time around. While the last mix was heavily layered, this is more of a sequence of tracks from the Norwegian punk/postpunk period. I started out with a list of around 50 tracks, but soon found that to be too much to cram into an hour, so I’ve focused on what is generally accepted as the big four bands of the period: De Press (and Andreij Nebb’s later band Holy Toy), The Aller Værste (“The Absolute Worst”), Kjøtt (“Meat”) (and Helge Gaarder’s experimental side Hiss) and The Cut.

In July 1997 The Pistols played in Trondheim to a crowd (I would love to say I was there, but I wasn’t. I was staying with my dad just a couple of hours away, having just discovered punk through the progressive rock show Pop Spesial on Norwegian Broadcasting. Playing God Save the Queen over and over again on my dad’s reel-to-reel tape recorder. Trondheim had another fact going for it, Stein Groven (aka Casino Steel: see Hollywood Brats, London SS, The Boys) had been filing weekly reports from the London rock scene to the local newspaper for years. So it is natural to start this mix in Trondheim with the underrated Johnny Yen Bang!

It would take a whole two years for the first punk records to come out in Norway and the first track is from the Trondheim sampler 7000 Riff. Johnny complaining about the lack of English bands coming over and that if anything is going to happen “we have to do it ourselves”. Two more tracks from Bang! from their fine 1981 12” EP Folk i gata (People in the streets) follow. I end the mix with a Johnny Yen and Andre Lister track from their 1985 LP Pop Cycles. Some of the old timers back home might see this as Yen overload, but it’s my mix and I think his dense music has aged well.

More to come: Pull Out: Zibell, Nebb. Gaarder: Cirkus Modern. Zibell and Ash Ra Temple. The John Leckie connection. Hard Rock Cafe Trondheim. Vinyl. FLL: Phillipines, Brecker. Design: Zibell. Harald Are Lund/John Peel. TAV/JP. Current crop: Monomen, 120 Days.

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Tracklisting Blogariddims 14,

  1. [00:20-00:42] EMI (unlimited edition, excerpt) - The Sex Pistols (1977)
  2. [00:43-01:36] Gjør det sjøl (excerpt) - Johnny Yen Bang! (1979)
  3. [01:37-04:59] Folk i gata - Johnny Yen Bang! (1981)
  4. [05:00-08:20] De Gale - Johnny Yen Bang! (1981)
  5. [08:21-10:40] Block to Block - De Press (1980)
  6. [10:41-12:50] Monuments - De Press (1981)
  7. [12:51-15:29] På vei hjem - The Aller Værste (1980)
  8. [15:30-18:08] Dans til musikken - The Aller Værste (1980)
  9. [18:09-19:15] Do the modern pose - Fra Lippo Lippi (1980)
  10. [19:16-20:12] Dolls on parade - Fra Lippo Lippi (1980)
  11. [20:13-22:03] Now and forever - Fra Lippo Lippi (1982)
  12. [22:04-25:29] A Small Mercy - Fra Lippo Lippi (1983)
  13. [25:30-29:14] Schizofren - Lik (1981)
  14. [29:15-31:14] Føle mæ rar - Wannskrækk (1982)
  15. [31:15-33:50] Modern Age - The Cut (1980)
  16. [33:51-36:43] The Crowd - The Cut (1981)
  17. [36:44-39:20] Vinyl Lobotomi - Kjøtt (1981)
  18. [39:21-44:05] Geometri - Dobbel V/Hiss (1982)
  19. [44:06-46:42] Lars Hertervig - De Press (1981)
  20. [46:43-49:20] Dada - Holy Toy (1982)
  21. [49:21-52:03] Marmur - Holy Toy (1982)
  22. [52:04-53:54] Planet of violence - Holy Toy (1982)
  23. [53:55-57:47] Wojtek - Holy Toy (1982)
  24. [57:48-59:52] Woolgoolga - Johnny Yen/Lister (1985)

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