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Blogariddims 9 - Absolute Norwegian from yours truly.

November 21st, 2006 · 1 Comment

Download Bloggariddims 9 - Absolute Norwegian (mp3).

Biosphere’s Poa Alpina from his 1997 ambient masterpiece Substrata album opens the mix.

Fiddler Knut Buen and singer Agnes Buen GarnÃ¥s [2] are siblings and as authentic carriers of tradition that you can find. I’m a sucker for clear female voices (think Maddy Prior) and Agnes has one of these voices that are perfect for traditional music. The same tune (I think?) as used by the GarnÃ¥s siblings is used by Langsomt Mot Nord [3], a band that was founded after one of Norway’s finest punk bands, De Press, split.

Acecast 9 source material LPs

Vinyl sources

Some fragments of Grieg are mixed in, before Bugge Wesseltoft takes us back to the modern age. His modern jazz track Skog has folk undertones so there’s an overall folk feeling to the first part of the pax.

Røyksopp Alpha Male from their second album this is over 8 minutes long and a bit like the stuff Tangerine Dream did in the early 80s. I was in two minds on whether to include it or not, some days I think this is a great track and on others I find it a bit flat (but it would be at home in Michael Mann movie). Put it in the mixer with some noise from Maja Ratkje’s free Hey Fabio all doubt is gone.

Another long jazz track is from outfit Jaga Jazzist (yeah — the name is a bit of a giveaway). As London’s Acoustic Ladyland Jaga look to rockers as Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, but the output is a bit glossier (more Ziggy than Iggy). I take some of the polish off by mixing their track with Arne Nordheim’s Warszawa. Where the English will muse on the impact of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop on creating future electronic musicians, Arne has had a similar impact as a pioneer back home in Norway.

When De Press split in the early 80s the leader of the band, Polish political refugee (the iron curtain was still up) Andrej Nebb founded Holy Toy [10]. Their debut album (one of the finest albums ever recorded in Norway) fittingly enough was called Warszawa (more on this in my next podcast for Blogariddims). The short Bridge is late period Holy Toy though, from 1989s Yes and No album.

An hour is a long time, so to avoid a full-on folk-jazz-tronic-fest Serena Maneesh (sometimes there’s a dash in there) puts some noise and energy in around halfway through (a trick borrowed from The Rambler) with a short bust-up with veterans Motorpsycho.

Junipher Greene’s Friendship was Norway’s first double-LP when it came out in 1971. The original LP is quite rare (8000 made) and I could have picked up an example in 1978 or so for 2 quid. I was broke though and when I had the cash a week later, the album was gone from the sale in the local record shop. Old hippies hold this album in great regard. I don’t. It has not aged well, so there’s less than a minute of Junipher Greene deep down in the mix.

Guitar player Terje Rypdal is one guy who has aged well. Terje started out as a local Hank Marvin in the 60s, evolved into one of the finest modern jazz guitarists in the 70s and continues to this day, composing classical music but still putting out something which might be called “jazz”. Hidden Chapter features his son Marius on “electronics, samples and turntables” and Supersilent’s StÃ¥le Storløkken. Terje’s Waves was probably the first jazz album I ever bought (this at a time (around 1978) when the phrase “jazz er farlig” (“jazz is dangerous”) was commonly used among punks in Norway).

Erlend Øye is one half of acoustic duo Kings of Convenience, but like Rypdal does not stay long in one place. He seems to spend half of his time on electronica and dance music (ie singing on Røyksopp’s first album) and for his Unrest album he travelled around the Western hemisphere to work with electronica artists in 10 different countries. The Athlete was made in Rennes with Minizza. I really like the DAF-lite tint on this track - in both the huh-wha breathing and the beat. Information (I long thought they were called Biomekano, but that’s the title of their album) pops some plopping texture to Erlend and Bel Canto’s Capio.

I didn’t realise Capio was from the period Geir Jenssen was still part of Bel Canto until I read the sleeve notes on Retrospect after doing the mix, so it is fitting that Geir’s free MP3 Med Ural til Ural is layered with Bel Canto. Early on I decided that I wanted to include the late, great Radka Toneff in this mix. Radka died far too early at 30 and I’ve tried to treat The moon is a harsh mistress with respect by adding Phum, one of the more solemn Nils Petter Molvær tracks to it.

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Vinyl sources

Deathprod (in civil life known as Helge Sten) is one of these figures who turns up everywhere (as does Bugge who plays on both Rypdal’s and Jan Garbarek’s tracks) and Journey to the central of the first 1.1 is his treatment of Nordheim’s Warszawa. Long associated with Motorpsycho, Deathprod is also the producer and member of improv outfit Supersilent’s 6. Erik Wøllo’s [23] Evening Ritual ticks along nicely with 6.2. Erik’s music is often borderline new-age, but do pick up his fine drone track Untitled 21 from Wøllo’s site.

The mix finishes with another family gathering. First Jan Garbarek’s His Eyes Were Suns featuring Ingor Gaup’s chanting Sami joik, then daughter Anja ends the mix with a tune from her impressive 2002 debut Smiling & Waving. If there are any Japan collectors out there Stay Tuned features both Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri.

Being my first proper try at a long mix, I know it’s not perfect and since I’ve been having a three month blogging break my writing is a bit off as well. Don’t let that put you off though; Blogariddims 9 is full of good music (some if it rare) and none of the pap which is hyped elsewhere. So - stay tuned.

On the off chance that any of the artists or their record labels read this (hei): most of the tracks are not complete and all of them are mixed with at least one other track (and sometimes two).
I can just hope that my contribution to Droid’s excellent Blogariddims project will not put the whole thing into disrepute. The mixes so far have all been different and worth keeping. So this is my humble effort — and believe it or not I’ve actually spent a decent amount of time on getting this together.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by looking for Blogariddims in the “podcast directory” or cut and paste http://www.weareie.com/audio/blogariddims/Blogariddims.xml into your podcatching application.

Tracklisting Blogariddims 9,

  1. Poa Alpina — Biosphere [0-02:40]
  2. Draumeslagje — Knut Buen & Agnes Buen GarnÃ¥s [02:32-05:05]
  3. Gjeterl̴t РLangsomt Mot Nord [04:40-06:00]
  4. Klokkeringing — Edvard Grieg (Leif Ove Andsnes, piano) [04:45-06:51]
  5. Skog — Bugge Wesseltoft [05:15-08:40]
  6. Alpha Male — Røyksopp [07:40-14:05]
  7. Hey Fabio — Maja Ratkje [08:08-10:59]+[12:48-13:21]
  8. Swedenborgske Rom — Jaga Jazzist [14:00-22:38]
  9. Warszawa — Arne Nordheim [15:35-25:16]
  10. Bridge — Holy Toy [24:59-26:27]
  11. Sapphire Eyes — Serena Maanesh [26:01-29:13]
  12. Devil Day — Motorpsycho [28:49-31:17]
  13. Hidden Chapter — Terje Rypdal [29:08-34:15]
  14. Music For Our Children — Junipher Greene [29:13-30:10]
  15. Higher Densities, Maximum Choice — Information [33:07-40:14]
  16. The Athlete (Feat. Minizza) — Erlend Øye [34:11-37:44]
  17. Capio — Bel Canto [37:21-39-32]
  18. Med Ural til Ural — Biosphere [38:57-40:37]
  19. The moon is a harsh mistress — Radka Toneff & Steve Dobrogosz [39:27-42:42]
  20. Phum — Nils Petter Molvær [41:05-44:44]
  21. Journey to The Centre of The First 1.1 — Deathprod [43:48-47:22]
  22. 6.2 — Supersilent [46:03-56:00]
  23. Evening Ritual — Erik Wøllo [49:40-54:03]
  24. His Eyes Were Suns — Jan Garbarek [53:53-56-45]
  25. Stay Tuned — Anja Garbarek [56:29-60:40]

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