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Now scrobbling: Spotify to Last.fm to WordPress

January 22nd, 2015 · 2 Comments

How to show “now playing” (i.e. scrobble); from Spotify in your WordPress blog.

This is quite easy to set up; the detour through Last.fm might not be needed in the future. There’s no plugin for scrobbling directly from Spotify to WordPress yet, so Last.fm serves as a proxy from Spotify to WordPress (but also as a scrobbler for iPod/iTunes to WordPress, so you might want to keep Last.fm running even if there’s a future Spotify/Wordpress plugin).

Update 20150123: Halvorsen.org is now on WP 4.1, with the standard plugin as installed through the dashboard. No need to run the procedure below by the looks of it.

Update 20091116: I’ve done several WP 2.8.x upgrades and each time got hit by the nasty gzinflate bug described by Rick. Disabled the plugin, updated the http.php file as described, download replacement http.php file as provided by sbruner, updated this post and enabled the plugin again. This procedure seems to have fixed it for me.

  • Configure Spotify (Edit/Preferences/Last.fm/Enable scrobbling to last.fm and enter your Last.fm details)
  • Install the Last.fm media player  and keep both Spotify and Last.fm running
  • Install the Last.fm for WordPress plugin
  • Configure the plugin in your WordPress blog (Appearance/Widgets)
  • Set up your WordPress template to show the widget in ie the sidebar
  • The played tracks should show up (I use the “Now playing” header)

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