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Blogariddims 14 - Norwegian postpunk 1979-1985.

Thursday 25 January 2007 · permalink

Download Blogariddims 14 - A short history of Norwegian postpunk 1979-1985 (mp3).

A bit of personal journey back in time this time around. While the last mix was heavily layered, this is more of a sequence of tracks from the Norwegian punk/postpunk period. I started out with a list of around 50 tracks, but soon found that to be too much to cram into an hour, so I’ve focused on what is generally accepted as the big four bands of the period: De Press (and Andreij Nebb’s later band Holy Toy), The Aller Værste (“The Absolute Worst”), Kjøtt (“Meat”) (and Helge Gaarder’s experimental side Hiss) and The Cut.

In July 1997 The Pistols played in Trondheim to a crowd (I would love to say I was there, but I wasn’t. I was staying with my dad just a couple of hours away, having just discovered punk through the progressive rock show Pop Spesial on Norwegian Broadcasting. Playing God Save the Queen over and over again on my dad’s reel-to-reel tape recorder. Trondheim had another fact going for it, Stein Groven (aka Casino Steel: see Hollywood Brats, London SS, The Boys) had been filing weekly reports from the London rock scene to the local newspaper for years. So it is natural to start this mix in Trondheim with the underrated Johnny Yen Bang!

It would take a whole two years for the first punk records to come out in Norway and the first track is from the Trondheim sampler 7000 Riff. Johnny complaining about the lack of English bands coming over and that if anything is going to happen “we have to do it ourselves”. Two more tracks from Bang! from their fine 1981 12” EP Folk i gata (People in the streets) follow. I end the mix with a Johnny Yen and Andre Lister track from their 1985 LP Pop Cycles. Some of the old timers back home might see this as Yen overload, but it’s my mix and I think his dense music has aged well.

More to come: Pull Out: Zibell, Nebb. Gaarder: Cirkus Modern. Zibell and Ash Ra Temple. The John Leckie connection. Hard Rock Cafe Trondheim. Vinyl. FLL: Phillipines, Brecker. Design: Zibell. Harald Are Lund/John Peel. TAV/JP. Current crop: Monomen, 120 Days.

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Tracklisting Blogariddims 14,

  1. [00:20-00:42] EMI (unlimited edition, excerpt) - The Sex Pistols (1977)
  2. [00:43-01:36] Gjør det sjøl (excerpt) - Johnny Yen Bang! (1979)
  3. [01:37-04:59] Folk i gata - Johnny Yen Bang! (1981)
  4. [05:00-08:20] De Gale - Johnny Yen Bang! (1981)
  5. [08:21-10:40] Block to Block - De Press (1980)
  6. [10:41-12:50] Monuments - De Press (1981)
  7. [12:51-15:29] På vei hjem - The Aller Værste (1980)
  8. [15:30-18:08] Dans til musikken - The Aller Værste (1980)
  9. [18:09-19:15] Do the modern pose - Fra Lippo Lippi (1980)
  10. [19:16-20:12] Dolls on parade - Fra Lippo Lippi (1980)
  11. [20:13-22:03] Now and forever - Fra Lippo Lippi (1982)
  12. [22:04-25:29] A Small Mercy - Fra Lippo Lippi (1983)
  13. [25:30-29:14] Schizofren - Lik (1981)
  14. [29:15-31:14] Føle mæ rar - Wannskrækk (1982)
  15. [31:15-33:50] Modern Age - The Cut (1980)
  16. [33:51-36:43] The Crowd - The Cut (1981)
  17. [36:44-39:20] Vinyl Lobotomi - Kjøtt (1981)
  18. [39:21-44:05] Geometri - Dobbel V/Hiss (1982)
  19. [44:06-46:42] Lars Hertervig - De Press (1981)
  20. [46:43-49:20] Dada - Holy Toy (1982)
  21. [49:21-52:03] Marmur - Holy Toy (1982)
  22. [52:04-53:54] Planet of violence - Holy Toy (1982)
  23. [53:55-57:47] Wojtek - Holy Toy (1982)
  24. [57:48-59:52] Woolgoolga - Johnny Yen/Lister (1985)

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Blogariddims 9 - Absolute Norwegian from yours truly.

Tuesday 21 November 2006 · permalink

Download Bloggariddims 9 - Absolute Norwegian (mp3).

Biosphere’s Poa Alpina from his 1997 ambient masterpiece Substrata album opens the mix.

Fiddler Knut Buen and singer Agnes Buen Garnås [2] are siblings and as authentic carriers of tradition that you can find. I’m a sucker for clear female voices (think Maddy Prior) and Agnes has one of these voices that are perfect for traditional music. The same tune (I think?) as used by the Garnås siblings is used by Langsomt Mot Nord [3], a band that was founded after one of Norway’s finest punk bands, De Press, split.

Acecast 9 source material LPs

Vinyl sources

Some fragments of Grieg are mixed in, before Bugge Wesseltoft takes us back to the modern age. His modern jazz track Skog has folk undertones so there’s an overall folk feeling to the first part of the pax.

Røyksopp Alpha Male from their second album this is over 8 minutes long and a bit like the stuff Tangerine Dream did in the early 80s. I was in two minds on whether to include it or not, some days I think this is a great track and on others I find it a bit flat (but it would be at home in Michael Mann movie). Put it in the mixer with some noise from Maja Ratkje’s free Hey Fabio all doubt is gone.

Another long jazz track is from outfit Jaga Jazzist (yeah — the name is a bit of a giveaway). As London’s Acoustic Ladyland Jaga look to rockers as Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, but the output is a bit glossier (more Ziggy than Iggy). I take some of the polish off by mixing their track with Arne Nordheim’s Warszawa. Where the English will muse on the impact of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop on creating future electronic musicians, Arne has had a similar impact as a pioneer back home in Norway.

When De Press split in the early 80s the leader of the band, Polish political refugee (the iron curtain was still up) Andrej Nebb founded Holy Toy [10]. Their debut album (one of the finest albums ever recorded in Norway) fittingly enough was called Warszawa (more on this in my next podcast for Blogariddims). The short Bridge is late period Holy Toy though, from 1989s Yes and No album.

An hour is a long time, so to avoid a full-on folk-jazz-tronic-fest Serena Maneesh (sometimes there’s a dash in there) puts some noise and energy in around halfway through (a trick borrowed from The Rambler) with a short bust-up with veterans Motorpsycho.

Junipher Greene’s Friendship was Norway’s first double-LP when it came out in 1971. The original LP is quite rare (8000 made) and I could have picked up an example in 1978 or so for 2 quid. I was broke though and when I had the cash a week later, the album was gone from the sale in the local record shop. Old hippies hold this album in great regard. I don’t. It has not aged well, so there’s less than a minute of Junipher Greene deep down in the mix.

Guitar player Terje Rypdal is one guy who has aged well. Terje started out as a local Hank Marvin in the 60s, evolved into one of the finest modern jazz guitarists in the 70s and continues to this day, composing classical music but still putting out something which might be called “jazz”. Hidden Chapter features his son Marius on “electronics, samples and turntables” and Supersilent’s Ståle Storløkken. Terje’s Waves was probably the first jazz album I ever bought (this at a time (around 1978) when the phrase “jazz er farlig” (“jazz is dangerous”) was commonly used among punks in Norway).

Erlend Øye is one half of acoustic duo Kings of Convenience, but like Rypdal does not stay long in one place. He seems to spend half of his time on electronica and dance music (ie singing on Røyksopp’s first album) and for his Unrest album he travelled around the Western hemisphere to work with electronica artists in 10 different countries. The Athlete was made in Rennes with Minizza. I really like the DAF-lite tint on this track - in both the huh-wha breathing and the beat. Information (I long thought they were called Biomekano, but that’s the title of their album) pops some plopping texture to Erlend and Bel Canto’s Capio.

I didn’t realise Capio was from the period Geir Jenssen was still part of Bel Canto until I read the sleeve notes on Retrospect after doing the mix, so it is fitting that Geir’s free MP3 Med Ural til Ural is layered with Bel Canto. Early on I decided that I wanted to include the late, great Radka Toneff in this mix. Radka died far too early at 30 and I’ve tried to treat The moon is a harsh mistress with respect by adding Phum, one of the more solemn Nils Petter Molvær tracks to it.

Acecast 9 source material CDs

Vinyl sources

Deathprod (in civil life known as Helge Sten) is one of these figures who turns up everywhere (as does Bugge who plays on both Rypdal’s and Jan Garbarek’s tracks) and Journey to the central of the first 1.1 is his treatment of Nordheim’s Warszawa. Long associated with Motorpsycho, Deathprod is also the producer and member of improv outfit Supersilent’s 6. Erik Wøllo’s [23] Evening Ritual ticks along nicely with 6.2. Erik’s music is often borderline new-age, but do pick up his fine drone track Untitled 21 from Wøllo’s site.

The mix finishes with another family gathering. First Jan Garbarek’s His Eyes Were Suns featuring Ingor Gaup’s chanting Sami joik, then daughter Anja ends the mix with a tune from her impressive 2002 debut Smiling & Waving. If there are any Japan collectors out there Stay Tuned features both Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri.

Being my first proper try at a long mix, I know it’s not perfect and since I’ve been having a three month blogging break my writing is a bit off as well. Don’t let that put you off though; Blogariddims 9 is full of good music (some if it rare) and none of the pap which is hyped elsewhere. So - stay tuned.

On the off chance that any of the artists or their record labels read this (hei): most of the tracks are not complete and all of them are mixed with at least one other track (and sometimes two).
I can just hope that my contribution to Droid’s excellent Blogariddims project will not put the whole thing into disrepute. The mixes so far have all been different and worth keeping. So this is my humble effort — and believe it or not I’ve actually spent a decent amount of time on getting this together.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by looking for Blogariddims in the “podcast directory” or cut and paste http://www.weareie.com/audio/blogariddims/Blogariddims.xml into your podcatching application.

Tracklisting Blogariddims 9,

  1. Poa Alpina — Biosphere [0-02:40]
  2. Draumeslagje — Knut Buen & Agnes Buen Garnås [02:32-05:05]
  3. Gjeterlåt – Langsomt Mot Nord [04:40-06:00]
  4. Klokkeringing — Edvard Grieg (Leif Ove Andsnes, piano) [04:45-06:51]
  5. Skog — Bugge Wesseltoft [05:15-08:40]
  6. Alpha Male — Røyksopp [07:40-14:05]
  7. Hey Fabio — Maja Ratkje [08:08-10:59]+[12:48-13:21]
  8. Swedenborgske Rom — Jaga Jazzist [14:00-22:38]
  9. Warszawa — Arne Nordheim [15:35-25:16]
  10. Bridge — Holy Toy [24:59-26:27]
  11. Sapphire Eyes — Serena Maanesh [26:01-29:13]
  12. Devil Day — Motorpsycho [28:49-31:17]
  13. Hidden Chapter — Terje Rypdal [29:08-34:15]
  14. Music For Our Children — Junipher Greene [29:13-30:10]
  15. Higher Densities, Maximum Choice — Information [33:07-40:14]
  16. The Athlete (Feat. Minizza) — Erlend Øye [34:11-37:44]
  17. Capio — Bel Canto [37:21-39-32]
  18. Med Ural til Ural — Biosphere [38:57-40:37]
  19. The moon is a harsh mistress — Radka Toneff & Steve Dobrogosz [39:27-42:42]
  20. Phum — Nils Petter Molvær [41:05-44:44]
  21. Journey to The Centre of The First 1.1 — Deathprod [43:48-47:22]
  22. 6.2 — Supersilent [46:03-56:00]
  23. Evening Ritual — Erik Wøllo [49:40-54:03]
  24. His Eyes Were Suns — Jan Garbarek [53:53-56-45]
  25. Stay Tuned — Anja Garbarek [56:29-60:40]

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Postmoderne fascisme - K-Punk beskriver Fremskrittspartiet.

Wednesday 26 April 2006 · permalink

I K-Punks artikkel om politikken i V for Vendetta beskrives British National Party (BNP) som postmoderne fascisme. Beskrivelsen er presis for vårt eget BNP — Fremskrittspartiet og deres lettkamuflerte politikk basert på fremmedfrykt. La oss helt enkelt kalle FrP for “Fremmedfryktspartiet” (styrt fra solfylte og behagelige Spania).

Postmodern fascism is a disavowed fascism (cue the BNP leaflet delivered through my door when I lived in Bromley, photograph of a smiling kiddywink, slogan: ‘My daddy’s not a fascist’), just as homophobia survives as disavowed homophobia. The strategy is to refuse the identification while pursuing the political programme.

Refuse the identification while pursuing the political programme – nettopp det Hagen og hans lettmaskerte etterfølgere er eksperter på. Raskt oversatt som “jeg er ikke rasist, men …”. Eller direkte fra FrPs partiprogram: Fremskrittspartiet vil … at Norge hvert år maksimalt skal motta til sammen 1 000 mennesker fra land utenfor den vestlige kulturkrets.

Philosophy lecturer Mark K describes BNP as postmodern fascism, thus also precisely capturing Norway’s popular right-wing party Fremskrittspartiet.

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Why Sven had to go.

Friday 27 January 2006 · permalink

In the end Sven Göran Eriksson just had to go — after five years in England he still couldn’t speak English. Teachers like Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand and David Beckham couldn’t have helped though.

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Dagbladet tuller: Thorkildsens lue kom på før medaljen var sikret.

Wednesday 10 August 2005 · permalink

andreas thorkildsen i hvit lue

Jeg vet ikke hva Gorm Andersen i Dagbladet tar eller om det var sikten som ødela for ham i regnværet i Helsinki — faktum er i alle fall at Andreas Thorkildsen tok på seg den hvite Adidas-lua før 85- og 86-meters kastene kom. Gorm må være den eneste som så at han tok på lua etter at han skaffet seg en ny mesterskapsmedalje (billedteksten fra artikkelen om Thorkildsens sølv i Dagbladet. Gorm fortsetter slurvet med

Da sølvet ble sikret kom også den velkjenta lua på plass, den han dro på seg også da OL-gullet var i boks.

Begge setningene sier at lua kom på etter at sølvet var sikret og det er jo feil. Den lua Andreas brukte i OL var forøvrig svart

Sportsidene var alltid bedre i VG når jeg bodde hjemme i Norge og det ser fremdeles ut til å være tilfelle. Kristian Holli skriver

Sørlendingen startet med to greie kast på henholdsvis 78,36 og 81,52 meter, før han tok på seg den karakteristiske luen og klinte til med 83,41. Det ga ham ledelsen, men gleden var kortvarig.

Andreas Thorkildsen put on his beanie-hat before securing his silver-medal, not after as a journalist tries to spin a story on in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet (this evening’s javelin event at the world athletics championships in Helsinki).

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En kjapp unnskyldning til Dagbladet om deres dekning av John Peels bortgang.

Friday 19 November 2004 · permalink

Dagbladet skrev om Peel etter hans bortgang. Likevel: John Peel gir 7 treff på søk i Dagbladet, Bob Dylan gir 1125. Når jeg skrev artikkelen kom ikke nekrologen opp.

Her er noe av det jeg skrev om Dagbladet og John Peel:

Jeg vet ikke hvor mange spaltekilometer dylandistene i Dagbladet har fått slippe til med — men det er på tide å trekke opp polsokkene (cowboy-støvlene), justere nisselua (capsen/solbrillene) og innse at her har dere bommet med seksløperen. Det er et skudd igjen — bruk det godt.

Det er jo selvfølgelig mulig det er mer enn en notis i papirutgaven … Ingenting er bedre enn det.

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Tiger blames technology. It’s unfair to be fair when it comes to golf clubs.

Monday 19 July 2004 · permalink

I see that Tiger Woods and the other pros are blaming club technology for their failure at the Open Golf (thisislondon):

Players at the top of their profession are saying something needs to be done. These players believe that with old equipment the gap between them and the slightly lesser player was wider than it is with new equipment.

So basically — it’s unfair that all players have access to the same modern kit? Not that golf is a real sport anyway — I am totally with Mark Twain on golf.

argos golf clubs

One solution to Tiger’s problem is to let everyone play with and carry their own antique kit (so we might see some real athletes): a minimum age of 30 years and 2kgs for each club should be suitable. If this can’t be arranged then let all players use this £64.99 golf club set from Argos. I mean how much golf-pro-killing-technology can you put in a 65 quid set? While we are at it: rip down the fences on the private golf clubs around London. Go on be a real golf punk and let the 65-quid blokes and ladettes have a go(lf).

Apologies to my increasing number of friends and colleagues who play golf — but I prefer a good swim or game of poker.

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Two simple initiatives that will help cyclists in the UK.

Thursday 17 June 2004 · permalink

The British still prefer to use cars instead of bicycles (The Guardian, regreq). No wonder this government cycling initiative fails, the big cities in England are no-go areas for cyclists.

Two simple actions to help us use our bikes (I have just started using mine a little after leaving it in storage for six years):

  1. Make it legal to use your bike on pavements. Fining kids for riding on the pavement is the wrong idea. Instead I suggest using the simple rule from home in Norway: allow cyclists to choose if they want to ride on the road or on the pavement — if you are riding on the pavement you behave like a pedestrian, if you use the bike on the road you follow the normal traffic rules.
  2. Make it legal to ride bikes in parks. Remove the No Cycling and Cycling Prohibited signs round the London parks and more people will get on their bikes.

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Leeds United kit will react to body temperature.

Friday 30 April 2004 · permalink

leed united hi-tech shirt

We might be going down, but at least next season we will have some
hot kit.

According to Ananova the new home shirt, designed by Diadora, includes a logo on the shoulder which changes colour to show the increase of physical effort and body temperature. It looks quite nice as well. Several teams will use the new shirt, among them AS Roma and Dinamo Moscow. Diadora claims that:

As the minutes pass, with the increase of physical effort and body temperature, the “One of Eleven” logo changes colour and stands out more. Thus each player becomes more visible to his companions and team playing uses this to good advantage.

It might be an advantage for the team — but also

  • a gift for the fans: luxury players will be identified by “science” [well maybe not a gift at 40 quid]
  • you can check how exciting a game is by looking on the terraces for clusters of fans in replica kit
  • the new kit will provide free information for the other team’s players (“he must be knackered by the look of those dots on his shoulder”).

Maybe each team will have kit with unique colour coding — even changing the coding mid-season to confuse the opposition. And get the (gullible) fans to buy a second set.

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David Beckham —- annoying you know.

Sunday 29 February 2004 · permalink

beckham you know

The most irritating thing about David Beckham is not his OK/Hello/Hola celebrity lifestyle, his excellent right foot, his looks or his millions. What really annoys me is his insistence on saying you know at least once in every sentence (he shares this with many footballers). David was interviewed after the Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich game this week. He answered 5 questions and managed to squeeze in 19 you know’s in his 5 answers.

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Daredevil urban climbers from the last century.

Saturday 30 August 2003 · permalink

Alain Robert is not the first human spider to climb tall buildings: George Willig, “Spider Dan” Goodwin and the more obscure Tony Deutchler did climbs in the 80’s and 90’s.

Even further back there are stories about Bill Strother doing a climb in 1921 in Augusta and Jack Williams doing climbs in 1917 and 1918.

The sculpturist Enrique Alferez also did some climbing to support himself:

Passionate, opinionated and extroverted, Alfrez made a strong impression on all who met him. He led a remarkable life and many of his adventures have become legend. The facts themselves are dramatic enough. Early on he was taken into the band of infamous Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa. In Chicago he earned a living climbing the Wrigley Building wearing a pair of tennis shoes to raise and lower the flag. He was mistakenly declared dead in Mexico in the late 1930s; his obituary was published in New Orleans and he was mourned in the French Quarter.

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Alain Robert (The Man Spider) - the greatest urban athlete of them all.

Friday 29 August 2003 · permalink

The parkour are following in the footsteps of the greatest urban athlete of them all: climber Alain Robert - The Man Spider. His website is full of charming English like:

Is he out the law?

It is very difficult to obtain authorizations to climb a tower with naked hands, then to each one of its rises, Alain is taken along to the police station. Because of the mobilization of the police officers to the foot of the tower, a handrail must be written.

In France, Alain climbed nearly 20 buildings and the object only one complaint was which did not come to anything. By chauvinism or respect for the performance, the French font has sympathy to our man spider. But it is not the case in the other countries and Alain Robert knows the time of a few hours or a few days the prisons of the whole world.

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Free-running - a brilliant new urban sport.

Tuesday 26 August 2003 · permalink

We did swing around lampposts and climb roofs in the town when I was a kid - but that’s where we stopped. The kids from Lisses south of Paris did not stop - they continued to hone their skills and so invented the sport of free-running:
moving around the urban landscape as it was a combination of an army obstacle course and a ballet stage.

The Guardian presents Sebastian
Foucan in a recent article
. Foucan and David Belle (of the brilliant BBC advert showing free-running [RealPlayer download] are the stars and founders of “parkeur”.

The French websites dedicated to the sport are almost like obstacle
courses themselves - the unofficial parkeur
is slightly better than parkour.com (annoying music alert on both).
London-based urbanfreeflow’s site
is designed in a way truer to the spirit of the sport.

Forget surfing, this is fresher and there is no need for a wetsuit (just a
pair of good shoes).

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