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Three things that would make me pay for Spotify Premium.

March 15th, 2009 · 3 Comments

  • MP3 support. Simple as that, it would allow me to take the music with me on the road (or in my case the train/tube). It would also make void any worries over the future of the company itself. Spotify could simply disappear (have a look at Music Ally’s list of 200 digital music start-ups or does anyone but me remember eBay’s short-lived music business ?) or have their licences revoked (so we could end up with something like a  YouTube versus UK songwriters clash)
  • DLNA support. This would allow streaming to devices like a Squeezebox/Soundbridge, PS3s/X-boxes and modern TV-sets
  • A cheaper price. £6.99 would be my sweet spot, £9.99 just feels a bit too much. I say this as someone who must have spent £10-15 000 over the years on physical product (roughly an LP or CD a week since 1978). I might have bought my last ever normal CD and it does not even make me feel sad

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  • 1 Sam Deeks // Apr 4, 2009 at 07:04

    Hi Hal
    Good point. I agree with you. Either this thing leaves music ownership behind completely (in which case you stop worrying about people putting music on their iPhones / iPods once and for all) or you don’t.

    If Spotify get stuck in the ‘but what if someone gives someone else 8Gb of tunes…?’ worry-zone, then they will miss this boat.

    Someone could give someone else 48hrs of free digital TV content if they really wanted to, couldn’t they? But who can be bothered to?

    Spotify proves that the majority of record companies understand that they the ‘physical music product’ is almost history. In my view, Spotify has to be bold enough to argue that unless the service includes ‘temporary’ ownership via mp3 (me putting stuff on my iPhone for a journey) then it won’t work.

    Or, worse, it WILL work but via long-winded and illegal ‘work-arounds’ like using Audio Hijack Pro.

  • 2 Afront // May 11, 2009 at 20:36

    Luckily my PC is cabled to my main Hi-Fi in my living room, so I don’t miss DNLA support.

    Thanks for your comment back on my blog Hal, lots of interesting posts here too - esp. the Spotify > WordPress post!

  • 3 Stuart // Jun 12, 2009 at 00:03

    It is possible to stream to squeezebox and I have adapted that technique to stream to a Pure Evoke, which is connected to the main hifi.

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